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Jessica Greenberg, Attorney at Law

“I always had a passion for justice and believe strongly that everyone deserves a fair chance and the same opportunities as others.”

Jessica Greenberg is a trial attorney who has handled thousands of cases, everything from simple hearings to full jury trials. She has been practicing law since 2018 and has always been passionate about justice and seeing that the legal system works according to the ideals it is supposed to be based on. The longer she works in the system, the more she wants to see it working as intended, protecting the innocent and ensuring that the State has the evidence to prove their case. She has also done some civil work, including petitions and motions and is working more and more in the area of landlord/tenant and other forms of property law.

She grew up in Princeton, NJ and received her Bachelor’s in History from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts before attending Rutgers Newark School of Law in New Jersey. She is involved with the Virginia Bar Association Criminal section, as well as a member of the Bar’s Criminal Law Division.

Jessica believes strongly that protecting her clients and pushing the court system to operate for the good of the people living within its jurisdiction is the purpose of an attorney, and she works daily to fulfill those goals.

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